Intel Launches New PRO Network Connections LAN Driver

Version 18.0 is supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Intel recently launched driver version 18.0 for their PRO Network Connections Ethernet adapters. From what is said in the changelog, it addresses mostly desktop boards.

The novelty this release brought is the added support for Intel's Ethernet Connection I217-LM and I217-V. The difference between the two is made by the vPro support present only with I217-V.

Intel's PROset features IT Admin Toolkit, Adapter Switching, Debugging support, Profile Migration tool and several security features among which is vPro.

Data and identity protection is something some of us treasure most. What vPro does is using IPT (Identity Protection Technology) with OTP (one-time password).

OTP is a unique, one-time use, six-digit number generated every 30 seconds from an embedded processor that is tamper-proof and operates in isolation from the operating system.

We added the drivers to our database and are now one click away from you. Download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Intel PRO Network Connections LAN Driver 18.0

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