Intel HD Graphics Owners Now Have a New Driver Ready for Download

Intel launches a new driver version for the HD Graphics series adapters

The popular display adapter Intel HD Graphics has gotten a new driver update, but only for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Build 2869 has been designed for Intel Express Chipsets (B43, G41, G43, G45, Q43, Q45) and Mobile Intel Express Chipsets (GL40, GM45, GS40, GS45).

This version of the driver adds some interesting new features to the 15.17 baseline. One of them is the support for updating firmware through DisplayPort-to-VGA adapters.

Also included here: notebook built-in display names are no longer shown.

In the new version of the driver, real-time synchronization between persistence and DCP is added. In other, less fancy words, you get a faster synchronization between your storage device (HDD, SSD, etc.) and the HDMI/DVI compliant digital display.

The new build resolves the Dassault CATIA software issue and the non-PNP monitor issue, when a “mysterious” non-PNP Monitor appeared in the device manager although there was no external monitor connected.

We leave you with the download links so you can stay “updated one minute ago.”

Intel HD Graphics Driver for Vista64/Windows 7 x64

Intel HD Graphics Driver for Vista64/Windows 7 x86

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