Gigabyte Smart6 Utility B11.1124.1 Is Available for Download

Latest management suite for Gigabyte X79-based motherboards

Gigabyte's Smart6 management utility reaches version B11.1124.1, and is now available for free download. If you're the owner of a Gigabyte motherboard loaded with Intel's X79 chipset and want to get in total control over it, you might just want to try the Smart6 utility.

This software suite comprises 6  tools: QuickBoot, QuickBoost, Smart Recovery, DualBIOS, Smart Recorder, and Smart TimeLock. QuickBoot will let your BIOS scan only the critical components and therefore be able to boot faster, without checking quite everything. This tool also lets you put the PC in both Sleep and Hibernate modes, making sure you boot lightining-fast, even if your computer loses power.

The Gigabyte QuickBoost is an easy-to-use tool which lets you overclock your CPU and thus increase the performance of your computer. Smart Recovery takes "snapshots" of your system at an user-specified rate and makes the data available in case you accidentally delete files. Just navigate to the desired date and you can get your files back in moments.

Smart Recorder is a monitoring utility which helps you track PC activity in your absence. You can now know if someone else has used your computer or if (important) data has been transfered. Smart TimeLock allows you to create time/ date-based behavioural patterns so anyone using the PC will have to comply with your restrictions or scenarios.

Finally, the DualBIOS utility makes sure your BIOS is easily recovered even after a major failure. Sporting dual ROMs which now offer 16MB of storage, the DualBIOS also lets you store up to 12 passwords and other settings which can be retrieved even in the worst-case scenarios.

Download the Gigabyte Smart6 Utility B11.1124.1 from Softpedia: it's fast and it's secure.

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