Get the Latest BIOS Version R21 for EVGA’s Z68 Motherboards

This release is targeted at the Z68 FTW, Z68 SLI, and Z68 SLI Micro EVGA Motherboard

EVGA has released today its most recent BIOS, version R21, for the Z68 Series Motherboards, namely Z68 FTW, Z68 SLI, and Z68 SLI Micro. This package is compatible with both bit versions of all of Microsoft’s operating systems, starting with XP.

If updated, this BIOS version will fix the CPU ratio limits error, USB 3.0 bug, USB port 6/7 labeling issue, as well as the Sandy Bridge CPU multiplier control after modifying the setting to manual from E-LEET.

Moreover, it resolves issues with BClock that crashes after adjustments or when the system boots without a bootable device, or causes the frequency settings to disappear. Also, it fixes BSOD issue, 2500K bug error (shown when CPU multiplier is over 43), and the problem with booting when OC Mode is enabled.

And last but not least, the R21 BIOS improves PCI-E compatibility and BClock overclocking, adds E-SATA to onboard devices, and sets VCCIO and VSA to 1250mV when the memory is set at over 2400MHz.

Bear in mind that, restarting or powering off the system or flashing it on settings other than default is strongly not recommended so that no damage be made to your board.

So, if you consider updating, follow the link below and choose the one that best describes your board.

EVGA Z68 Motherboard Series BIOS R21 

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