Fresh Downloads for New AMD OverDrive Utility 4.2.3

APUs are now supported, tuning options become widely available

So, you've finally decided to get a new computer and went for the new AMD-based boards loaded with the Accelerated Processing Units (APU) but are somehow sad because they can't be “meddled with?” Well, the newest AMD OverDrive Utility, now version 4.2.3, supports the new processors!

Besides all the CPUs already supported by the previous versions of the OverDrive, the present release brings support for A4, A6, A8 and A10 units. The AMD OverDrive Utility 4.2.3 comes with Black Edition Memory and Smart profiles, fan control and integrated system test / monitoring features.

No matter whether you're an overclocking novice or a skilled enthusiast, the AMD OverDrive Utility 4.2.3 puts total CPU control at your fingertips. Even more, with the Customizable AutoClock options, your system will be able to load specialized profiles automatically for an even easier user experience.

Download the AMD OverDrive Utility 4.2.3 and be ready to obtain better performance from your AMD processors.

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