Firmware Update for Samsung 840 Series SSD Drives Is Out

MZ-7TD120 and MZ-7PD512 get updated to versions DXT07B0Q and DXM04B0Q

Samsung needs no introduction, whether we're talking notebooks, ultrabooks or components for them. The 840 series of their SSD range, of 120GB, 250GB and 500GB capacities, has gotten a first firmware update.

It improves the “dirty drive” write performance. More details about it are available below.

Although the official release version for the series is 1.0, each hardware unit has a different “.enc” file in it. This is why we would love to state the obvious: the update is slightly different (as it should be) for every device.

Being a respected manufacturer, Samsung listened to users' opinions and improved the “dirty drive” write performance.

Dirty drive is like a fragmented disk drive. When a user writes then deletes data on to the drive, parts of that data are stored in different clusters. After a while of doing so, your drive will have gathered deleted bits in its sectors (cells for SSDs) that are marked for block deletion later.

Now that you know what this firmware does, there's nothing stopping you from updating. Simply click the links bellow and you will get the firmware.

[Update, December 20, 2012]: The article above originally included an erroneous explanation to the “dirty drive” issue. A correction has been made.

Samsung 840 SSD Firmware

Samsung 840 Pro SSD Firmware

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