FiiO’s X3 Portable Player Gets Firmware Version 1.31 – Download Now

Firmware 1.31 is based on its former 1.25 version, and brings a large number of fixes

FiiO has just released a new firmware targeted at its X3 portable player, namely version 1.31, which is based on its previous 1.25 version and brings a handful of changes and bug fixes.

Specifically speaking, the new firmware redefines the volume button to be adjustable under any interface, amends the shuffle’s play mode, increases the text scroll speed, and lowers the scroll’s power consumption.

In addition to that, the language selection now prompts on initial boot, the sequence of CUE and single song file and the booting operation have been modified, the folder number limit has been removed, and some French texts have been changed.

As for fixes, the noise that was heard when playing wma files and rewinding to the start or changing m4a.cue track files doesn’t occur any more, and the system freeze issue caused by the cover of some lib files or by updating library for some songs is now history.

Moreover, the messy code problem encountered when changing the theme, the playing by artist issue with some CUE files, as well as the “Idle Power off” feature that would shut down to save power in certain conditions, are now resolved.

Now that you have taken into account all the changes made in this release, follow the link below and download the firmware that will change the way your player works.

Download Firmware 1.31 for FiiO’s X3 Portable Player

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