Eye-Fi X2 Card Gets a Firmware Update

Version 5.0019 adds DHCP router options and fixes an Android OS bug

Eye-Fi, an American digital memory manufacturer, has launched a firmware for their X2 card. Version 5.0019 adds DHCP router options allowing iOS devices to show it is connected. It also provides a fix for an Android OS bug.

If you own one of these cards, you should know that updating from firmware version 4.1017 or earlier may result in a failure message after the 30-second countdown. If this happens, don't panic. Follow the instructions to remove your card and, after you've done that, reinsert it.

You might not get the firmware update prompt after reinserting the card, but you should know that the procedure was completed successfully.

If you're not familiar with this product, here are some features that may interest you.

For starters, it's a memory card with a built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n compatible). This means you can send media to your PC over a typical home Wireless LAN network.

The update is made through the Eye-Fi Center software provided with the card. Simply plug it in your USB port, click the “Update” button and wait for the information box allowing you to change settings or remove the card.

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