Egreat's HD Media Players S-Series Firmware Available Now on Softpedia

On the list: S900 3D player, S800 the first dual OS player, and S100 HD player

The firmware is compatible with the S100, S800, and S900 Media Players. It enhances support for the BD 3D movies by solving the stuck or blurred screen issues. It fixes the YouTube playback issue as well.

All these 3 media player models are based on the SigmaDesigns SMP8643 chipset, with a 667 MHz frequency and 512 MB DDR2. They have support for nearly all audio, video, photo and subtitles formats, and also have an HDMI 1080p output, 10/100M Ethernet, and at least one USB 2.0 port.

Particularly speaking, the S800 has a 7.1 surround analog audio, while the S900 player has the most powerful 1080p solution for Blu-Ray support. Both have a dual OS that ensures good experience for users.

So, if you’re considering updating the players’ firmware, you need only an empty USB flash drive where you need to put the folder that is located in the downloadable archive, and be sure to have at least 256MB free space on it afterwards.

Insert the USB, power-on the device, press left button of remote controller until dialog menu appears, choose “Yes,” and then the system will start upgrading. It takes about 3 minutes.

Do not turn off the device during the upgrade process because it could harm or damage the player.

So, if you have the USB flash drive, all you need now is the archive which you will find following the link below.

Egreat S100/S800/S900 Media Player Firmware 2.02.007

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