EVGA’s X79 Series Motherboards Benefit from a New BIOS Version 045

On the list: EVGA X79 SLI, FTW, and Classified, compatible with all of Microsoft’s OSes

EVGA has released today its 045 BIOS version targeted at the Intel X79 chipset based motherboards, namely X79 SLI, X79 FTW, and X79 Classified. This BIOS is compatible with all existent OSes from Microsoft, starting with Windows XP.

There are three separate files, one for each motherboard, that update the CPU microcode and the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP). In addition, these files improve memory compatibility as well as fixing GeForge GTX 660 graphics card bugs.

Before you consider upgrading, you should know that restarting or interrupting the PC during this process or starting it on overclocked setting could be fatal to the motherboard.

So, first enter BIOS, and be sure the default settings are loaded (if not, do so), and afterwards, unzip the downloadable file and run the compatible batch file from inside – FPTWIN32.BAT or FPTWIN64.BAT for 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems respectively.

Afterwards, press “Y” (capital letters), and the flash process will start. When it is complete, the system will shut down – power it on, load BIOS default settings, and the process should be a success.

This said, follow the link below and choose the one that best describes your motherboard.

EVGA X79 Series Motherboard BIOS 045

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