EVGA's New BIOS Release for the Z77 FTW Motherboard Is Out

The 1.17 BIOS version will improve compatibility and fix various known bugs

EVGA has released for its Intel Z77 based motherboard a new 1.17 BIOS version which, as mentioned in the release notes, improves compatibility with various devices and fixes a few bugs for all of Microsoft's operating systems, except its latest.

Specifically speaking, the BIOS improves compatibility with its CPU as well as its keyboard. The 32GB of DDR3 memory that the board supports has improved compatibility too.

It also fixes the bug with the base clock rate (BCLK) that didn't save the profiles and sometimes would show incorrect information after failing to overclock (OC).

Last but not least, updating the BIOS will fix a problem with phase lock loop (PLL) when changing active CPU cores.

Even though the changelog is quite interesting, some users still experience known issues like error 94, sound card and SLI combination problems, or A0 code bug once finished booting.

Bear in mind that, if you want to flash your BIOS, EVGA strongly recommends that you do not restart or interrupt your PC while the flash is ongoing or flashing the BIOS on overclocked settings.

So, if you’re considering updating your BIOS, follow the link below.

EVGA Z77 BIOS 1.17

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