EVGA Z68 and P67 Motherboards Get a New BIOS

Z68 and P67 motherboards benefit from BIOS version R16 to help fix some bugs

A new BIOS update is here to meet EVGA users' demands. Version R16 fixes the bug with AUX fan, the crash in EVGA-ELEET and improves PCI-E compatibility. It also has Ivy Bridge Support.

The package provides support for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 with separate installation files for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. It also includes a .bat file needed to install this BIOS in DOS mode.

A few Z68 FTW motherboard users complained that, after installation, the XMP profiles force the system into a reset loop and they can no longer boot from two RAID arrays in normal mode.

There are no reports of bugs or malfunctions with the P67, but given the fact that it is so fresh to the public, we're expecting to find some interesting and relevant comments after a few weeks.

To end, I recommend reading the readme.txt file provided with the package before you start the update. It contains the installation notes which provide useful information for those who wish to update their BIOS.

We leave you with the download links, so you can stay “updated one minute ago.&rdquo



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