Download the New Fire OS 3.1 Firmware for Kindle Fire HD and HDX

This update addresses the Kindle Fire HDX, HDX 8.9”, and 2nd-generation Fire HD

Amazon has just launched firmware versions 11.3.1, 13.3.1, and 14.3.1 for its 2nd-generation Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, and HDX 8.9”, respectively. This update is also known as the Fire OS 3.1.

The full changelog is available at any of the links below this text.

Since the new releases are not available through Amazon's OTA update service for now, installation requires a few easy steps.

Download the firmware suited for your tablet model at the links below. The files have over 700 MB, so unless you're using an ultra-fast Internet connection, it will take a while.

After the download completes, connect your tablet to the PC via its data cable. Copy the update file to the root folder and, after it completes, safely remove the device.

In the “Quick Settings” menu, select “Settings” and then tap on “Device.” Select “System Update,” then “Update.”

The Kindle Fire will restart and the message “Installing system update” will be displayed. Make sure your device has a fully charged battery or is plugged in.

Get the latest firmware for your tablet at the links below and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Download Amazon Kindle Fire HD (2nd Generation) Firmware 11.3.1

Download Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Firmware 13.3.1

Download Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Firmware 14.3.1

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