Download Now the Latest Generic Driver for Synaptics' Pointing Device

Synaptics’ touchpad generic driver is compatible with all of Microsoft’s OSes

The most recent generic driver for Synaptics’ Pointing Device, version, is compatible with all of Microsoft’s Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit variants, as well as Linux’s operating systems.

This driver update will bring a fix that will suppress the Touchpad as soon as any stick packets come in.

If installed, this release will help you easily use the pointing device, and it will add advanced functions. Using two fingers you will be able to scroll horizontally or vertically, rotate at 90 degrees either ways, and zoom in or out.

You will also be able to rapidly navigate through documents using the three-finger flick option, as well as switching or minimizing applications through the four-finger flick option.

Besides the linear scrolling, Synaptics added a ChiralScrool option that helps you scroll continuously through a two-way circular motion. Also, it adds the Left, Right, and Top Edge-Swipe methods that are supported only by Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Bear in mind that it is recommended to set a restore point because the installation process could result in the loss of the touchpad’s functionality.

This said, to stay up to date with the most recent touchpad drivers, follow the link below.

Synaptics Pointing Device Generic Driver

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