Download the Latest Drivers for Realtek's PCIe Ethernet Controllers Now

All of Microsoft's operating systems are compatible with this driver release

Realtek has released the latest drivers for its Ethernet Controllers. The Realtek PCI Express Fast Ethernet (FE) Family, PCI Gigabit Ethernet (GBE) Family, and the PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Family as well have now a driver that enhances transfer speed and stability.

The versions that have been released for the above mentioned controllers are 5.810 for Microsoft's Windows XP and Server 2003, 6.252 for Vista and Server 2008, 7.067 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2, and 8.010 for Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8.

The Ethernet Controllers combine a simple or triple-speed IEEE 802.3 compliant Media Access Controller (MAC) with a simple or triple-speed Ethernet transceiver and embedded memory.

They use Advanced Configuration Power management Interface (ACPI) combined with a state of the art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology and mixed-mode signal technology, and so, have a high speed transfer rate over UTP cable, either CAT 5 or CAT 3 (10Mbps only).

This said, if you're considering updating your LAN driver, follow the link below that is compatible with your OS.

Realtek PCIe LAN Driver 5.810 for XP/Server 2003

Realtek PCIe LAN Driver 6.252 for Vista/Server 2008

Realtek PCIe LAN Driver 7.067 for Windows 7/Server 2008 R2

Realtek PCIe LAN Driver 8.010 for Windows 8

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