[Updated] Download Legendary AMD Never Settle Drivers, Catalyst 12.11 Beta

The bugs have been squashed, to the best of AMD's knowledge

After the slightly embarrassing setback of yesterday, when AMD released the Catalyst 12.11 Beta drivers only to take them down immediately due to bugs, the software is back up.

Catalyst 12.11 Beta are nicknamed the “Never Settle” release and make the rather big promise that they can make some games run 20% better than on NVIDIA graphics cards.

The one review we saw didn't risk outright confirming or denying that claim, but it did say that Never Settle do optimize Radeon HD 7000 performance by up to 10%, the largest improvement ever enabled by a driver.

The links below will lead to the appropriate download pages of the software.

We will soon list the 12.10 WHQL Driver and the Catalyst Applications Profiles 12.10 CAP 1 as well.

AMD Catalyst Display Driver 12.11 Beta 4

AMD Catalyst Display Driver (with .NET 4.0 Support) 12.11 Beta 4

Update: Find the 12.10 WHQL driver and CAP 1 here.

Update 2: Those who downloaded the driver yesterday (October 23) will have to download it again and reinstall it. The "fixed" Beta 3 was found to cause a crash in Medal of Honor Warfighter when running in CrossFire configurations with Anti-Aliasing enabled.

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