Download Latest BIOS for EVGA Z77 and Z75 Intel Based Motherboards

On the list: EVGA Z77 Stinger (mITX), Z77 FTW and Z75 SLI Motherboards

EVGA has released the latest BIOS version 1.21 for 3 of its Intel based motherboards, namely Z77 Stinger (mITX), Z77 FTW and Z75 SLI.

This new release will fix a CPU core bug, the hang with phase-locked loop (PLL) voltage, the BClock control bug, while also improving memory support.

Despite the fixes, users still report problems that haven't been resolved, such as EFI temp/fan and SSD sleep issues, and onboard audio which cannot be disabled.

Nevertheless, some say it's a very stable BIOS version if you can somehow overlook these unresolved issues.

It supports all of Microsoft's operating systems, from Windows XP to the latest. Each motherboard BIOS contains 3 batch files, one for the 32-bit version (FPTWIN32.BAT), one for the 64-bit version (FPTWIN64.BAT), and the other one for DOS Mode (FPTDOS.BAT).

BIOS flashing is a seemingly simple, but in fact very risky process, and you should know that it is highly recommended not to turn off or reset the system while flashing is in progress. Under no circumstance should you flash the BIOS on overclocked setting.

So, before you start the flash process, load the BIOS default settings, close all programs, be sure to start the correct batch file depending on your OS bit version, and then press Y (in CAPS) to start the process – and there you have it.

This said, if you want to upgrade your BIOS, follow whichever link below is good for your board:

EVGA Z77 Stinger (mITX)



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