Download Intel’s RSTe (RAID) Driver Now

Intel has released the RSTe driver that supports SCU, SATA RAID, and SATA AHCI Controllers

Intel has released the Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (RSTe) driver version, and this update contains three files: two files for each English and Non-English OSes, and one containing the RSTe F6 drivers.

The driver is compatible with all of Microsoft’s OSes starting with Windows XP (excepting the XP 32-bit version), and provides functionality for the SCU, SATA RAID, and SATA AHCI Controllers from Intel’s C600 series.

This package gives support for Legacy OROM Boot Behind Expander, which includes the RSTe SCU Legacy OROM, RSTe DOS Based RAID Configuration Utility, and the RSTe GUI.

Moreover, it adds the option to clear RAID metadata that could be on a drive through the RSTe Command Line Intrace Tool.

As for fixes, the release resolves the copyright date for the driver and UI issue, the RAID Volume fail during restart, migration, or after S3 resume problems, and the manufacturer or model number between RSTe GUI and RSTe System Report mismatching.

Also, EFI Tools now work properly in a Secure Boot environment, the GUI doesn’t report any error whatsoever when deleting a volume, and the number of drivers, SATA ports, and the serial number of the SATA Disk connected to the SCU Controller are now shown precisely.

This said, if your system configuration is compatible with this release, follow the link below and stay up-to-date.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (RAID) Driver

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