Download Intel’s Ethernet Connections CD 18.0.1 Now

All the drivers and software needed for almost all of Intel’s Ethernet Adapters

Intel has released an independent OS file that contains all the network drivers and software needed for most of its Ethernet Adapters that are compatible with the current supported operating systems of Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

This release package adds support for the I217-LM and I217-V Ethernet adapters, and updates Windows e1e driver for the 82574, 82575, 82576, and 82583 Gigabit Controllers.

It also updates the e1r driver for the 82580 and I350 based Gigabit Controller devices, and the Ethernet I340 and I350 Gigabit Server Adapters.

Advanced Network Services (ANS) driver and Intel PROSet for Windows Device Manager are updated with this release as well.

Because it has a wide variety of Ethernet drivers, the file has a huge size, of over 160 MB, and is aimed at users who need all the files in only one CD.

Intel recommends command line installation if you’re using a Windows Server Core operating system.

This said, to get Intel’s latest Ethernet Connections drivers, follow the link below.

Intel Ethernet Connections CD 18.0.1

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