Download Fresh AMD Catalyst Application Profiles 12.1 CAP3

New gaming titles added in this release, Radeon HD 6000 fixes

Here we go with the third release of the Catalyst Application Profiles for the 12.1 display driver. Like you've most likely gotten used to receive the CAPs, the 12.1 CAP3 comes in a separate executable file so you can install the new profiles just the way you want it.

This new version brings improved CrossFire performance for gaming titles such as Alan Wake: The American Nightmare and Darkness 2. The game Syndicate receives updates in performance, as well, so you'll experience better fun with both single-GPU and CrossFire setups.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning receives a fix for the negative scaling at low resolutions issue reported by some users running it with AMD Radeon HD 6000. Finally, the map flickerings in Natural Selection 2 with CrossFire enabled seems to have been gotten rid of with this edition of the Catalyst Application Profiles, AMD says.

Since the CAP 3 is just hours old, no news on other issues has come by. Nevertheless, if you experience troubles with your AMD graphic card, you should report the errors to AMD and help build better releases in the future.

Enjoy downloading the AMD Catalyst Application Profiles 12.1 CAP 3 fast and safe, as always.

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