Download Firmware for Samsung Plasma TVs

Enjoy your multimedia with Samsung's new line of plasma TVs

When it comes to multimedia, it looks like nothing is good enough. Well, we hope that Samsung's new line of plasma TVs will be able to satisfy your hunger for stunning graphics, in either 2D or 3D.

Samsung's plasma TVs come with diagonals ranging between 51" (class 51" is actually 50.73" or 121.7 cm) and 64" (153.6 cm). While the smaller ones sport an HD screen with 1360 x 768 native resolution, the bigger TVs come with full HD specs and boast a 1920 x 1080 screen. These TV's come with up to 4 HDMI in/ out ports so you can connect pretty much every HDMI-capable gadget in your house.

As expected, they are part of Samsung's Smart TV class, granting you the possibility to access the Internet and browse using a proprietary web-application. The Smart Hub puts everything at your fingertips and lets you search access your favorite content with ease.

A very nice feature in all Samsung's TV series that they offer great HD/ Full HD image in both 2D and 3D. Though, for a Full HD 3D experience, Samsung's active shutter glasses are mandatory. Even more, these TVs can upconvert 2D streams and simulate a most realistic 3D experience, as well.

Here is the list of Samsung plasma TVs for which you can download new firmware:

Samsung 8000 Series Plasma TV PN64D8000FFXZA Firmware 1024.3

Samsung 7000 Series Plasma TV PN64D7000FFXZA Firmware 1013.1

Samsung 550 Series Plasma TV PN64D550C1FXZA Firmware 1018.1

Samsung 6500 Series Plasma TV PN59D6500DFXZA Firmware 1013.1

Samsung 530 Series Plasma TV PN59D530A3FXZA Firmware 1007.0.

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