Download Drivers for Asrock N68C-GS FX Board

New Nvidia-based AM3+ motherboard from Asrock with drivers and all

We're offering free downloadable content for a new Asrock motherboard, dubbed N68C-GS FX.

If you know one or two things about Asrock boards, then the name should have already told you we're talking about an Nvidia chipset-loaded piece of gear. The N68C-GS FX sports an AM3+ socket, capable of hosting AMD's 8-core CPUs and running with an Nvidia nForce 630a chipset.

Despite being a new board, you'll only be able to cram as much as 8 GB DDR3 (1066 or 1600) on the board. No USB 3.0 or 6GB/s SATA connectors, and obviously – no PCIe 3.0. This means we're not looking quite at the best thing from Asrock; for those of you who want extreme performance, we guess that the new Intel-based boards announced at the 2012 CES are the thing worth waiting for.

The N68C-GS FX sports and integrated GeForce 7025 graphics card and comes with a VIA 5.1-channel audio card. On the software side, you get all the nice Asrock utilities, such as XFast LAN and XFast USB, all sorts of overclocking tools, and high-current charging capabilities.

Click this link to download the Asrock N68C-GS FX drivers.

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