Crucial m4 SSD Series Has Updated Firmware

“Memory Experts” offer firmware update for their m4 series SSD drives

Crucial has pushed out a firmware update for the m4 SSD drives. Depending on whether it uses a SATA or mSATA connection, there are two version names: 040H for the SATA connected drive and 04MH for the mSATA one.

According to the release notes, this update should significantly reduce the incidence of long reboot times after an unexpected power loss, and should correct the minor status reporting error during SMART Drive Self Test execution. This will not affect SMART attribute data whatsoever.

Given that Windows 8 is being adopted by an increasing number of PC users, the firmware provides streamlined firmware update command for smoother operation in this OS.

Crucial have been also working on the “lifetime” factor of their device and therefore developed wear leveling algorithms to improve data throughput when foreground wear leveling is required.

Users who already updated their firmware are happy to report that the 040H and 04MH are not difficult to install, and the results are obvious once you get it done. Before you start the process, you should backup you data in case something goes wrong.

There is a utility to help you with this procedure.

We recommend using it unless you have a Dual Boot system. Also, if you're using UEFI, the system might not recognize the SSD. If this happens, you simply cannot update your firmware at this time. Looking on the bright side, you haven't damaged your system or data.

The download links below should help if you have already decided on updating.

Crucial M4 mSATA SSD Firmware Update Utility for Windows 7/Windows 8

Crucial M4 mSATA SSD Firmware 04MH

Crucial M4 2.5 SSD Firmware Update Utility for Windows 7/Windows 8

Crucial M4 2.5 SSD Firmware 040H

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