Crucial Has Released a New Firmware Version for Its v4 2.5-Inch SSD

This package contains the utility that will upgrade the SSD firmware version from 22 to 25

Crucial has released a new package that updates the firmware version from version 22 to 25 for its v4 2.5" SSDs. This firmware update, if installed, will improve disk and mixed mode performances.

Before you even consider upgrading, you should know that the firmware update process will erase all data on the SSD and the flash drive needed in the process, so make sure that you backup your important files. Also, it is not recommended to use the battery power for this process.

So, disable all driver passwords, extract and run the executable in the downloadable zip file folder, and from the window that will appear, select the USB you want to use and hit “Make.”

Afterwards, leave the USB device plugged in and restart the system. Enter BIOS Setup and set the drive’s configuration from AHCI to IDE, change the boot order to primarily use the USB, and reboot the system again.

At the next screen, tap “isp.bat” to start the update process, and, after the scan of available drives is complete, type “Y” to begin the update. After all that, if the firmware revision is “S5FAMM25,” the process is a success.

That said, follow the link below and get the downloadable file needed in the process.

Crucial v4 2.5" SSD Firmware 25

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