COWON Z2 Smart MP3 Player Gets New Firmware

The gadget uses JetEffect to please the ears of even the most demanding users

COWON, a Korean digital audio, video and voice hardware and software manufacturer, has just released a new firmware update for their Z2 digital audio player.

This release improves system performance and stabilization but, in order to do so, COWON has laid out a few notes.

For a more stable use of the product, one must take the following steps in the described order.

First of all, copy all important data to a PC or other storage device. Update your firmware to the latest version (download it at the link below) and, afterwards, format your internal memory to FAT32.

To do so, go to “Settings,” “Storage,” “Unmount internal memory” and tap “Format internal memory.” Select FAT32 and watch as you erase everything from your device.

If you're using your Z2 to play files larger than 4 GB, you must format it as NTFS, although COWON mentions that special attention is required.

Below is the link to the firmware. Download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

COWON Z2 Media Player Firmware 4.39

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