BlackMagic Design Updates Its Cameras’ Firmware – Download Version 1.8 Updated

The newly-released version updates the user interface and includes various other changes

Today, BlackMagic Design has outed a new firmware version targeted at all of its camera units, namely version 1.8 compatible with the Cinema Camera (EF/MFT), Studio Camera (HD/4K), Pocket Cinema Camera, as well as Production Camera 4K device models.

This fresh release can be used on computers running a Mac OS or the 64-bit variant of Microsoft’s Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 platforms. Also, when it comes to changes, the compatible cameras receive slightly different modifications.

Specifically speaking, the Studio Camera modes get their phantom power compatibility enhanced, and the new firmware also resolves a problem where interlace video was outputted as progressive video.

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K device gets a new user interface (as well as the Cinema and Pocket Cinema units), receives autofocus support for certain EF lenses, and benefits from improved RAW DNG recording support.

As for the Pocket Cinema Camera, this device has improved recording when internal microphones are used, an enhanced autofocus with active MFT lenses, and a better compatibility with Sigma MFT, Lumix 12-42mm PZ, and Olympus 60mm f/2.8 MFT lenses.

In addition to that, the camera supports stabilization even on MFT lenses that don’t benefit from physical O.I.S switches, and gets the Iris setting behavior changed so that it isn’t retained when switching from recording to playback and back (Cinema cameras also receive this latter change).

Last but not least, the Cinema Camera models (EF and MFT) have now a higher compatibility with EF lenses, an improved focus peaking display, ISO handling, and general audio performance, and a greater debayering quality when shooting to ProRes or DNxHD.

[Update, 06/23] Unfortunately, the producer has removed the downloadable files from its server. Check back with our website to download the files as soon as they are available.

[Update, 06/24] The producer has just made the links available, so go ahead and download BlackMagic Design Camera Firmware 1.8 for your device model and system platform, run the setup, and follow the on-screen instructions.

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