BIOS of the Day 04/09/2012

An all-Asrock BIOS pick for today's listing, with a nice FM1 new board

I guess this is the first time we have a post with only one brand, since we started the "Bios of the Day" section. There will be more days like this, of course, but it's Asrock to lead the way.

Now, this has just happened, as we never choose certain BIOS on purpose. Today's highlight is one of Asrock's latest boards in the A75 series, the Asrock A75 Pro4/MVP.

You're looking at a nifty piece of technology, a board based on the AMD FM1 chipset, running with 100W processors and with a truly nice 4+1 Power Phase Design. The digital power control looks more and more like a very good choice for motherboards, as it provides users with greater stability and safer component operation.

This ATX board can hold up to 32 GB DDR3 in a dual-channel 4-DIMM slot; you can overclock your memory modules up to 2400 Mhz with the A75 Pro4/MVP running in safe conditions, as claimed by Asrock.

UEFI BIOS, AMD Radeon HD 65XX/64XX graphics with 1900 x 1200 output resolution and support for FullHD Blu-ray are stock, and 6GB/s SATA3 and USB 3.0 connectors will surely come in handy for everyday use and lightning-fast data transfers.

Add in the 8-channel Realtek audio chip and Asrock's proprietary tuning and tweaking plethora of software and there you go, with A75 Pro4/MVP suitable for both gaming (AMD cards only) and other heavy-duty use, as well.

Here's the BIOS:

Asrock H61M-S Bios 1.50

Asrock H61M-GS Bios 1.50

Asrock B75M-ITX Bios 1.20

Asrock 970 Extreme4 Bios 1.70

Asrock 960GM-S3 FX Bios 1.20

Asrock 785GM-S3 Bios 1.30

Asrock A75 Pro4/MVP BIOS 1.10

As both hardware and software evolve, old BIOSes might become unstable or simply prevent you from using your computer to its full potential.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to always use the most recent BIOS version available. Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest BIOS files.

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