Asus Transformer Prime Firmware Download

Changes affect some icons' design, but numerous new feats are present as well

It's really nice to see Asus trying their best to mend things with their successful Transformer Prime Android tablet, from a software point of view. We can now announce the new firmware, reaching version

In case you haven't received the OTA update, you can download the Asus Transformer Prime firmware from us and update your tablet yourself. The new firmware revision brings some changes in the way some icons look; Play Store (formerly known as Market), Books, Music and Video, now Play Music and Play movies, respectively, they all get a neat facelift and look really nifty now.

The current Transformer firmware brings several new features such as the press-able notifications in Locked Screen mode, the capability to check for emails and reminders notifications with Locked Screen, upgraded Vibe (now v2.0) with better user interface and more accessible content.

Among the nicest new functions, we have to mention the included support for the USB to LAN, the first release in ICS for Ad Hoc, battery profiles, lockable system bar during gaming sessions or the new display modes for the HDMI output (Scale and Crop). Finally, users in Latin America and West Balkans get keyboard support.

Download the Asus Transformer Prime firmware

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