Archos 80/101 G9 and 101XS Update to Build 4.0.26 Is Out

A new update is now available for the 80/101 G9 and 101XS Archos devices

Archos has launched the new OTA (Over The Air) update to their 80/101 G9 and 101XS tablets. The update boasts of bringing several enhancements to the devices, like media playback features, display output and some fixes to the units HDD and keyboard.

The official changelog to the new update includes some common points for both devices.

Version 4.0.26 fixes the crash of the Media Library when indexing music with metadata. Also, a notification message will now be displayed when scanning is in process.

Another improvement for both devices is the better screen resolution detection on HDMI output for some DVI monitors. In addition, also included is the playback fix for some VOB files, and a fix for audio sound glitches that constantly change the sample rate.

The 80/101 G9 gets the HDD fixes such as the fast boot restore and the loss of hard drive or 3G USB port after suspend.

101XS gets only a layout correction for various languages (Arabic, Turkish, Cyrillic, German, Hebrew and Spanish) to its keyboard.

Unfortunately, we can't provide you with the update drivers, but you can get the new update if you go to the Settings menu of your device.

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