Andrew D Announces the Impending Release of AMD's Catalyst 13.1 Driver

AMD Catalyst driver version 13.1 will soon be available for download

AMD's Catalyst creator, Andrew D, recently posted on his Twitter page that version 13.1 of the Catalyst driver was about to be launched. He also announced that beta drivers were to be expected in the following weeks.

The previous version of the stable AMD Catalyst driver was 12.10, which resolved several performance issues for a set of games.

It also came with Windows 8 support, an important feature at that time, given that Microsoft was about to put its new OS on the market in a short time.

As to what the new release might bring, Andrew D didn’t even drop hints about it. However, users expect AMD not to overlook the issues reported since the last update.

The Catalyst technology is AMD's way of optimizing video performance for their graphics adapters. It also makes it easy for users to add and configure multiple displays.

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