Amazon’s Kindle Fire (2nd Generation) Firmware 10.2.6 Is Now on Softpedia

The Kindle Fire firmware version 10.2.6 brings bug fixes and performance improvements

Amazon’s Kindle Fire (2nd Generations) Firmware Update, version 10.2.6, can now be found on Softpedia. This release package brings performance improvements and various bug fixes, although there is no list to clarify exactly what these resolved problems are.

The device is a 7-inch tablet with a 2-point touch screen, 1.2 GHz CPU, and WiFi, that rolls on an Android 4 operating system. Although it has no bluetooth, microphone, or front camera, Amazon’s product is a good choice for those who don’t use the full benefits of a tablet.

So, if you consider updating the firmware version to 10.2.6, first make sure that the battery is at least 40% charged (fully charged would be ideal).

If this is checked, connect the tablet to your PC through a USB cable, copy the downloadable file to the “kindleupdates” folder from the device’s storage drive, and ensure that the file is completely copied.

After this process is done, disconnect the device and go to More → Device → About → Update Your Kindle, at which point your Kindle will restart and start the update process – and the rest is the tablet’s job.

This said, follow the link below and download the latest firmware version for your Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Fire (2nd Generation) Firmware 10.2.6 

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