Amazon Updates Firmware for Its Kindle Paperwhite 1st Generation – Version 5.3.9

The package improves PDF performance and enhances Homonym Lookup for Chinese and Japanese

Today, Amazon has unveiled the latest firmware package developed for its Kindle Paperwhite 1st Generation, namely version 5.3.9, which includes a few changes that increase the device’s overall functionality.

Specifically speaking, the new update improves stability for complex PDF files, shortens the time in which the documents open, and enhances the Homonym Lookup feature for Chinese and Japanese languages.

In addition to that, the Kindle now has a new option that allows the user to hide the reading progress from the bottom of the screen.

As for installing the firmware, get the downloadable bin file, copy it onto the root folder of the Kindle’s drive, go to Home → Menu → Settings → Menu → Update Your Kindle, and tap “ok” to initiate the installation process.

Bear in mind that, while the device is applying the new firmware, you shouldn’t interrupt the process in any way because an update crash might render the device unstable. When the upgrade finishes, the Kindle will automatically restart and you can use it just like before.

That being said, if you consider updating to the latest version, download Firmware 5.3.9 for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 1st Generation, take into account all the mentioned aspects, and enjoy the new features.

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