Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Receives a 5.3.5 Firmware Version

The new software update brings improvements to the device’s overall performance

Amazon has released the 5.3.5 firmware version that is targeted at its Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader.

The new software brings feature enhancements, as well as improvements to the device’s overall performance.

If updated, the device will be able to display the full definition when looking up a word in the dictionary.

It will also allow you to easily search up a word or phrase by simply highlighting it, choosing More, and then the Search option.

Like all of Amazon Kindle firmware updates, the 5.3.5 version can be installed automatically, meaning that you’ll have to wait your turn, or manually if you’re anxious about the new features.

Moreover, the update method is similar to the previous 5.3.4 software version.

To be safer, make sure that the device’s battery is fully charged before starting the update process, or that at least the upgrade is done while the Kindle Paperwhite is connected to a safe and continuous power source.

Now, all you need to do is to follow the link below, download the firmware file, and enjoy the benefits of the new features.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Firmware 5.3.5 

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