Amazon Kindle Fire Firmware 6.2.1 Is Out and We Have It

New firmware for Amazon Kindle Fire tablet available

We're happy to announce the launch of a new firmware version for Amazon's latest gadget, the Kindle Fire. Users can upgrade to firmware 6.2.1 using a WiFi connection or a computer.

For those appeased more by the computer update, we have the 6.2.1 software update package. All they have to do is make sure the Kindle Fire is, before anything else, fully charged.

As with almost any firmware update on this planet, you risk bricking your gadget if you shut down the power during the update procedure.

A backup of all your files is indeed advisable, just in case something is not going as planned. You should connect the Kindle Fire to your computer using a USB cable and then drag and drop the newly downloaded file to the "kindleupdates" folder on your device.

After the transfer is complete, you must disconnect the tablet and then navigate to Quick Settings > More > Device, then select Update Your Kindle. The process is automated and does not require your intervention.

Your Kindle Fire should restart twice and after the "Current Version: 6.2.1" is displayed on your screen... there you go: you've just installed new firmware! Have fun!

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