ASUS’ New Transformer Pad Gets Firmware Version

The release consists of separate download records, each compatible with one specific SKU

Today, ASUS has released another firmware package targeted at its New Transformer Pad, namely version, which consists of several download records, each compatible with a specific stock-keeping unit (SKU).

However, in the absence of an official changelog, I can only assume that this update includes changes that improve the device’s overall performance and stability. Nevertheless, if you’re curious about this release, you can also upgrade the device to this version and find out yourself what the changes are.

In order to do that, you should know that the update process isn’t capable of switching between stock-keeping units, and cannot install any SKU other than the one already installed. Moreover, applying an earlier firmware version is not supported and might damage the device.

Therefore, go to Settings → About Tablet → Build Number, and from there, remember your tablet’s SKU. To be clearer, if the build number is “US_epad-10.X.X.X_2012xxxx” or similar, then the SKU will be “US.”

Now, if you own this particular ASUS device and want to update it to the latest version, go ahead and download Firmware for The New ASUS Transformer Pad.

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