ASUS ET2701INTI All-in-One PC – A New Addition to Our Driver Database

ASUS' All-in-one is only 7cm (2.7”) at its thickest point

Softpedia now hosts ASUS' ET2701INTI All-in-one PC drivers list. On it, you will find updates for your integrated Intel HD Graphics GPU, as well as for the NVIDIA discrete graphics chip.

You might notice that there is only Windows 7 (on both 32- and 64-bit architecture) and 8 (only on 64-bit) support.

Inside the crammed case, there are components that spell “performance.” Starting with Intel's Core-i7 3770S Processor (Core-i5 3330 and Core-i3 3220 are the other two options) with its incorporated Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, adding 4 GB DDR3 memory at 1600MHz and ending with the NVIDIA GeForce GT640M discrete graphics chip, all the components are made to work perfectly together.

On the outside, ASUS did an excellent job with the design, keeping the edges slim and the middle a bit bulkier.

When it comes to connectivity, the fact that the ET2701INTI is an AIO PC does not mean it lacks some ports you might be used to find on a regular desktop.

On the back, there are plenty of ports for the more stationary devices like the Ethernet cable, keyboards, mice or a second monitor. For the devices that get plugged-in and out more often, there is another set of ports on the side.

Click the link below to go to the drivers list. Click, pick, download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

ASUS ET2701INTI All-in-One PC Drivers

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