ASTRO MixAmp Pro New Firmware Fixes Bugs and Optimizes Performance

This tool is a gamers' personal audio mixer and headphone amplifier

ASTRO has recently launched firmware version 1.3 for their MixAmp Pro product. This release fixes the USB microphone glitch bug, adjusts PS3 mic level and reduces voice volume in live stream output.

With this update, ASTRO introduces new default presets, optimized for quiet environments. The existent ones have suffered some changes and the Pro, Core and Media presets have now improved voice EQ and Noise Gate. The LAN one has “LAN Friendly Voice EQ” and “LAN Friendly Noise Gate.”

If you haven't performed a firmware update until now, you should know that previously fixed issues, like audio dropouts, are included in this version.

The MixAmp features Dolby Digital 7.1 so users can enjoy every sound, whether footsteps or gunshots in games or, of course, an entire movie of choice. Combined with the A50 headphones, you get a wonderful sound experience.

Users’ comments on the performance of this device are proof that the MixAmp is, most likely, worth the $129.99 (€96.43) you’re going to pay for it. Words such as “the best,” “amazing” and “perfect” can be found everywhere on the ASTRO forum.

Below is the download link. Download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

ASTRO Device Manager Utility/MixAmp Pro Firmware 1.3

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