ASRock Outs New BIOS Versions for Some of Its Intel Z87 Chipset-Based Boards

Z87 OC Formula/ac, Z87 OC Formula, and Z87M OC Formula boards benefit from this release

ASRock has outed new BIOS versions for some of its Intel Z87 chipset-based motherboards, which will improve the overall performance and stability, and will also add a new option.

Specifically speaking, ASRock has made available for download the 1.30 BIOS version for its Z87M OC Formula board, and the 1.40 BIOS package for its Z87 OC Formula and Z87 OC Formula/ac devices.

The packages add the “Instant Flash ME update” option, enhances the UEFI Japanese language string, and improves the boards’ overclocking abilities. In addition to that, the Z87M OC Formula gets its UEFI stability improved as well.

Each board benefits from 3 downloadable files that describe 3 different BIOS update methods. To be clearer, one file works only with both bit-versions of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 8 OSes, one must be used in DOS mode, and the last one flashes BIOS using Instant Flash.

So, if you consider updating the BIOS, you should know that upgrading to a newer version is recommended only if it resolves a specific problem that the board is encountering, otherwise it’s only a risk that you can avoid.

Now, following one of the links below (depending on which of the boards is owned), will get you to a list; from that list choose the download record that describes the desired update method, or simply grab the drivers for your motherboard.

ASRock Z87M OC Formula Motherboard

ASRock Z87 OC Formula Motherboard

ASRock Z87 OC Formula/ac Motherboard 

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