ASRock Launches New Beta BIOS for FM2A85X Extreme6 Motherboard

ASRock's awarded FM2A85X Extreme6 Motherboard has improved RAID function now

BIOS version L1.80D for ASRock's FM2A85X Extreme6 motherboard has been recently launched and all the changelog says about it is that it improves RAID function.

For those of you who have no knowledge of what the acronym stands for, it's “redundant array of independent disks,” formerly known as “redundant array of inexpensive disks.”

Since that might not mean much either, you should know that RAID combines multiple HDD components into a logical unit making data access faster.

The distribution across the drives can be made in different “RAID levels,” which will be marked by a number (or digit) behind the acronym, i.e. RAID 0.

The update is available in Instant Flash version, which is a very handy format given that ASRock's BIOS GUI will help you detect and flash it without too much of a hassle.

There is also an Internet Flash feature integrated in the original BIOS that can help you update.

Below is the download link. Bear in mind this is a beta version and anything that might go wrong or malfunction with your system in none of our responsibility.

ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6 BIOS L1.80D Beta

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