ASRock A55M-VS Motherboard BIOS Version 1.50 Is Out

The latest release supports Windows 8 and improves USB compatibility

ASRock has released a new BIOS for their A55M-VS motherboard. This update supports Windows 8 and improves USB compatibility.

Along with the improvements mentioned above, the changelog notes that “Ultra Fast” is only supported if Windows 8 is installed on GPT format and the graphics adapter supports UEFI GOP.

Version 1.50 comes in three formats, adapted for the installation methods: Windows, Instant Flash and DOS.

As we have mentioned in other BIOS-related posts, ASRock recommends using the Instant Flash version. This allows experienced or non-experienced users to update easily and quickly.

The pleasant, user friendly and smart BIOS provided by the manufacturer will detect the update version on your hard drive and install it, with your permission.

The A55M-VS motherboard prides itself with the P5500 APU, which is said to be by up to 50.82% better than anything out there.

Below is the link to the BIOS. Download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

ASRock A55M-VS BIOS 1.50

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