ARCHOS’ SDE Firmware Now Available for Download

The Special Developer Edition (SDE) applies to ARCHOS’ 6, 7, 8 and 9 Generations

The Special Developer Edition (SDE) firmware corresponds to a proof-of-concept software that is targeted at experienced software developers only, and should not be considered a usual update release.

This release is compatible with the ARCHOS Generation 9 Tablets, Generation 8 and ARCHOS 5 Generation 7 Internet Tablets, and ARCHOS 5 and 7 Generation 6 Internet Media Tablets. It is a standard Linux base, and can be used as a starting point for creating native applications.

The firmware for generations 6,7 and 8 have an Angstrom distribution base, which is created from a customized integrated build, and the generation 9 is able, through recovery, to flash a kernel or install a new system.

Because it is a release for experienced user only, you must note that once the firmware is installed, the device will be watermarked and ARCHOS can detect if it was installed or not. Also, installing this release is seen by ARCHOS as a violation of the warranty.

Furthermore, if installed, the device will not be able to play DRM (digital rights management) content. Although it is possible to restore the firmware to the previous installed version, the device will still be watermarked and not be able to play the DRM content ever again.

So if you find this SDE Firmware useful to you, follow the link below and choose depending on which Generation tablet you own.

ARCHOS Special Developer Edition Firmware

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