AMD’s FirePro Graphics Unified Driver Is Up for Grabs

The AMD FirePro Graphics Cards are meant to accelerate Server workstation applications

The FirePro Graphics Cards from AMD, which are meant to accelerate 3D and Server workstation apps, benefit from a new package that goes by the name of AMD FirePro Unified Driver version, and is compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Vista and 7 OSes.

First, let’s start out with the fact that this package does not support the Intel Itanium 2 CPU platforms, and the previous pre-unified driver versions must be uninstalled before updating. More than that, if Windows Vista is used, the user must have Administrator rights in order to successfully complete the upgrade process.

As for fixes and new features, the driver extends support to include the FirePro R5000 and S10000 cards. Windowed OpenGL quad-buffer 3D and 10-bit color video output technology features receive support with Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS as well.

When it comes to improvements, the AMD team managed to increase the performance for AutoCAD and Solidworks applications, and in addition to performance, the quality for PTC Creo as well.

However, there are some unfixed problems like Houdini crash issue with OpenCL simulation, InStream stopping when more than 8 monitors are connected, or AutoCAD 2012 not refreshing after waking up from sleep or hibernation states.

Nevertheless, this release deserves to be upgraded, so follow the link below and stay up to date.

AMD FirePro Graphics Unified Driver

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