AMD Releases New Catalyst Driver for Embedded GPUs and APUs

Version 12.10 comes without any release notes and does not run under Windows XP

A new version of AMD's Catalyst driver for embedded GPUs and APUs is available for download. This update addresses the E6760, E6460, R-Series, G-Series, Radeon HD 6970M and HD5770 graphics adapters.

Bear in mind that this release is not supported under Windows XP, so you should consider sticking to version 9.00 of the Catalyst driver.

The so-called “adapters” are, in fact, chips that pack a lot of computing power. The E6760, for example, is a GPU and memory in one Multi-Chip Module, Ball Grid Array (MCM, BGA) package.

It supports DirectX 11, has 480 shader processors and can connect up to six displays with the help of AMD Eyefinity technology. Given these features, one may tend to say that these are the specifications of a full-size desktop board.

Click the link below to get a list of the available drivers. Download the version suited for your OS, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

AMD Embedded GPU and APU Driver 12.10

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