AMD Releases Catalyst Driver for APUs and Embedded GPUs

Version 9.012 comes with no changelog or Windows XP support

The new Catalyst 13.1 got an APU optimized version: 9.012. This supports only E6760, E6460, R-Series, G-Series, Radeon HD 6970M and Radeon HD 5770 adapters, and does not pack the OpenCL driver, or the Catalyst Control center.

AMD’s Advanced Processing Unit (APU) is a chip that packs the CPU and the GPU, reducing the actual space needed for a full size graphics adapter. According to the American manufacturer, it will perform as well as a desktop video card.

Advanced Micro Devices claims their APUs can handle gaming graphics or application graphics that require up to six displays.

If you’re using Windows XP, you need to know that this driver is not compatible with your OS.

You shouldn’t think of these embedded GPUs as a solution for laptops only. Take the E6760, for example: it’s already being used in gambling machines, billboard advertising or medical equipment. The new Nintendo Wii U packs this chip as well.

We leave you with the download link, so you can stay “updated one minute ago.”

AMD Embedded GPU and APU Driver 9.012

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