AMD Is Back with the Catalyst 13.2 Beta 5 Driver

The new update from AMD brings new Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3 improvements

Advanced Micro Devices has just pushed out a new beta driver from their Catalyst series. Release 13.2 Beta 5 comes with up to 40% improved CrossFire scaling in Crysis 3 multi-player beta, and a 10% boost at 2560×1600 with 8xAA in Far Cry 3.

Considering that the new 3D Mark has been recently released, AMD added a CrossFire profile that would be supported by the new benchmarking software under Windows 8.

As with the previous versions, this update can be applied to the Radeon HD 7900 / 7800 / 7700 / 6000 / 5000 Series and the Mobility Radeon HD 7000M / 6000M / 5000 Series.

Since AMD included Crysis 3 optimizations in its last three beta drivers, we think you might be interested in some useful terminology like FXAA, which stands for Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing.

This feature is a high-performance / high-quality anti-aliasing filter that smoothens out the edges of pixels and does not require large computing power, therefore making sacrificing FPS for image quality not necessary.

We now leave you with the download link, so you can stay “updated one minute ago.”

AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver 13.2 Beta 5

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