AMD FirePro Unified Driver 9.003.3: A Necessary Workstation Update

A fresh update from AMD for workstation users hits the web

Given that most of those who use Solidworks and AutoCAD know how unpleasant it is to kill the working rhythm with a render, AMD thought of an early holiday present. The Unified FirePro 9.003.3 boosts performance exactly in that sector.

With it, AMD includes support for their recent addition to the FirePro family, the S10000 graphics board.

Another new and useful optimization is the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 support. Add to that the Windowed OpenGL quad-buffer 3D and 10-bit color video output technology support for Windows 8, and you have one great holiday gift for the office.

On the downside, known issues when using applications like Houdini, Maya 2013, Showcase 2013, Maxon or Autocad 2012/2013 have not been fixed.

Even while running only Windows 8 you might still get the desktop flickering when stereo mode is changed from active mode to passive without rebooting.

To save you time, the download link to the driver can be found below.

AMD FirePro, FireMV Graphics Unified Driver 9.003.3

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