AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver 13.2 Beta 6 Is No Longer a Mystery

The official release notes for AMD’s latest Catalyst Beta Driver have been made public

As we told you yesterday, AMD’s Catalyst Graphics Driver 13.2 Beta 6 has been released to the public, but no official release notes have been found for this version – now here they are.

So, according to AMD, its latest Catalyst Graphics driver contains all the fixes found in the previous versions of the 13.2 Beta releases. As we know, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, and 8 operating systems, both bit versions.

What yesterday was only a rumor, now it’s a fact: Crysis 3 game performance was improved by fixing a minor anti-aliasing corruption, Hitman Absolution Crossfire scaling was enhanced, as well as Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 objects and textures graphical corruption was resolved.

Bear in mind that because it is a beta driver, this Catalyst version is delivered “AS IS” and under EULA’s terms and conditions found in the package.

Now that you know all about AMD’s Catalyst Graphics Driver 13.2 Beta 6, follow the link below and get it.

AMD’s Catalyst Graphics Driver 13.2 Beta 6 Driver

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