AMD Catalyst 9.003.3 FirePro Modded Driver: Not a Gamers’ Release

Bechmark3D brings desktop AMD graphic cards users a modded version of the FirePro 9.003.3

Bechmark3D has released a modded version of the FirePro Unified Driver 9.003.3 we mentioned yesterday. This “illegitimate sibling” helps professional 3D design software users to benefit from the performance improvements of the 9.003.3 made by AMD for workstations.

According to the driver's description, this version is not recommended for gamers.

However, enthusiastic users who have already updated say that it performs pretty well in games and much better with software like 3DS Max, ZBrush or Photoshop. Of course, all of this is relative because no one mentions what version of the driver they had before.

To remind you, the main features and optimizations include AutoCAD and Solidworks performance improvements, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 support, Windows 8 fixes and the addition of the FirePro S10000 in the Unified driver.

The link below will take you to a page where you can download the modded drivers.

Be advised, this driver is not a stable release, so use with caution. This is not an official AMD release and Softpedia cannot be held responsible in case your system is damaged after installation.

AMD Catalyst 9.003.3 FirePro Modded Driver

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