AMD Catalyst 13.1 WHQL Driver: A Major Improvement for Radeon HD 7000

Hotly anticipated driver features improved GUI and performance boosts for several games

AMD Catalyst 13.1 driver has just been released, with the changelog promising performance enhancements for the entire Radeon HD 7000 series display adapters.

To begin with, Control Center's 3D application settings page is redesigned for ease of access and better control of the 3D settings. These can be adjusted to perfectly fit the requirements of each application.

The highlights of this update are improvements of up to 25% in Far Cry 3, 10%-15% in Battlefield 3 and 12% in Civilization V. All the game tests are performed at maximum detail levels at 1600p resolution.

Mobility 7970M performance is improved for DirectX 9, 10, 11 applications by up to a whopping 90% in Just Cause 2, 62% in DiRT Showdown and 60% in Sniper Elite V2.

If you encountered system hangs, texture flickering, display corruption, lighting issues, you should install this update.

Numerous issues concerning game graphics, design applications runtime errors and GPU activity have also been fixed with this driver.

Should you decide to update, we recommend looking into the AMD Catalyst Un-install Utility. This will help you clean your system of existing Catalyst drivers, making it ready for this fresh release.

As usual, we leave you with the download links, so you can stay “updated one minute ago.”

AMD Catalyst 13.1 Drivers

AMD Catalyst Un-install Utility

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