A New OPPO Firmware Is Available for BDP-103/105 Blu-ray Disc Players

The new release is based on the BDP10X-50-0323B public beta

OPPO has recently released a new firmware for its BDP-103 and BDP-105 Blu-ray disc players. This update comes with a massive changelog that aims to fix most of the reported issues with the DP10X-50-0323B public beta version.

The new BDP10X-50-0422 adds support for Direct Stream Digital file playback from local storage, CUE file playback and AIFF audio format.

Fixes include the HDMI high bit-rate (HBR) audio loss issue with Yamaha RX-V673, V773, A820 and A1020 AV Receivers as well as the FLAC file playback problems.

A major addition is the basic support for a USB keyboard. Some of the key functions are listed at the link below, along with the full release notes.

The update procedure is fairly simple and can be done over an internet connection, USB flash or CD. I will detail the USB installation as it is mostly used.

First, download the BIN file from the link below. Copy it to a formatted flash drive and safely remove it from the PC. Make sure your Blu-ray player has an empty disc tray and plug the memory stick in.

In the “Device Setup” menu, select “Firmware Upgrade” and “Via USB.” A set of on-screen instructions will guide you through the rest of the setup process. All you need to do is make sure your player stays on and the USB flash remains plugged.

Download the firmware at the link below and stay “updated one minute ago.”

OPPO BDP-103/BDP-105 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware BDP10X-50-0422

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